Step ladders are lightweight, self-standing ladders with numerous steps or rungs for ascending. It can stand independently without any help or being propped up against something. Usually, it looks like a ladder and consists of two up-and-down parts joined by several flat steps. Step ladders are frequently utilized when a person needs to reach a modest height, such as when replacing light bulbs, painting walls, or matching shelves.

Features of a Step Ladder

Aluminium step ladders are preferred because of their light weight and resistance to corrosion. Although less popular, wooden step ladders have a traditional appearance. In this regard, choose step ladders manufactured by Liberti Ladders as they are constructed from solid, lightweight materials like wood or aluminium. However, some features of folding step ladder are:

  • Self-supporting – Step ladders can stand alone and are not supported by a wall or other building. They can each be set up and operated separately.
  • Folding capability – Numerous step ladders are made to be collapsible, making storage and transportation simple. They can be collapsed and kept in a small area when not used.
  • Multiple steps – Step ladders typically feature between two and six steps evenly spaced apart. The steps offer a secure surface on which to stand and climb.
  • Sturdy construction – Step ladders are made to be reliable and secure. Typically, they are constructed from strong yet lightweight materials like fibreglass or aluminium. The rails and steps support a person’s weight and give them a stable footing.
  • Safety features – To avoid accidents, step ladders frequently have safety components. These could consist of non-slip treads, locks to keep the ladder open, and stabilizing feet or bars to increase stability.


Aluminium Step ladders from Liberti Ladders are frequently used for the purpose of cleaning, reaching heights, getting to shelves, painting, and other maintenance tasks in homes, offices, and other industries. So, if you want to work with maximum ease, choose step ladders from us and access any high point risk-free.