A platform ladder is a type of ladder with a platform on the top that can stand by itself without needing support. The platform at the top of the ladder usually has a barrier on three sides, but the side nearest to the steps is open. A platform ladder is designed so that you can stand on the highest step, which you usually can’t do with other types of ladders.

Platform Ladders from Liberti Ladders: Know the Features

Liberti Ladders is a leading company that makes these ladders. Contact Liberti Ladders for a platform ladder near me which is usually considered safer than a step ladder because it has a broader and more stable base and a larger platform at the top. There are many advantages to using a platform ladder.

  • Easy to move – With the wheels attached to platform ladders, you can move the ladder effortlessly. Great for when you have to work in multiple locations.
  • Safe and functional – With the handrails all around, you can stand safely and have both hands free to do your work.
  • Optimal standing comfort – On the platform ladder, you can stand easily without any discomfort. This is because the platform is big, measuring 60 by 40 centimeters.
  • Telescopically adjustable – As it is telescopically adjustable, it can work unevenly.

Why Use Platform Ladders Made by Liberti Ladders?

Platform ladders are adaptable instruments that are used in a variety of situations and industries. 

  • Because of its two-sided construction, you can set it up wherever level ground exists. When you stand on the top of a platform ladder, your height lengthens the ladder, giving it an advantage over stepladders. 
  • These ladders can be excellent for tasks that require long, safe ladder standing. These tasks could entail building, painting, arranging displays, placing hardware in high areas, gardening, and more.


Liberti Ladders platform ladders for sale give workers a safe and steady way to reach high places like ceilings, walls, or roofs. They are beneficial when doing tasks that need both hands, like painting or fixing something.