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Privacy Policy



1. By using the website, http://libladders.tandemdgtl.com/ and/or signing up for the Services (as defined under the Terms of Use) offered by Liberti Ladders Private Limited, (“Liberti Ladders”), or providing us with your personal information for any further purpose, you consent to this Privacy Policy. 2. This policy will assist you in gaining an understanding the types of information we gather from you, the reason for which the information is gathered; how the information is utilised; the envisioned recipients of such data; and how the data is protected. If you would like to seek more details, please visit http://libladders.tandemdgtl.com/get-in-touch/. 3.For the purposes of this policy, “personal information” means any information that can be used to identify you personally and shall not include information that is freely available or accessible to the public.

Section 1: Utilization of Liberti Ladders as a Visitor

If you are a first-time visitor to the Liberti Ladders website: 1.We collect technical data about your interaction with the services provided by this website. This is the data we get from your use of our services. We collect certain data about your interaction with our website, such as which pages were visited and the average time spent on the website, your internet protocol address, the unique identifier of your device and device information such as operating system version, operating system, crashes, browser plugins, system activity, date and time of your request, hardware settings and referral URL, and cookies that might distinctively recognize your browser and mobile application. 2.We utilise this data to understand how you utilise our website and expand and improve the services provided through the website.

Section 2: Utilization of Liberti Ladders as a Registered User

If you have utilised the Liberti Ladders website after providing us your email address: 1. You are then deemed to be a registered user of Liberti Ladders. 2. You may be requested to give us additional information so that you can use certain features of the Services. 3. You possess the choice to utilise your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google to access or login to Liberti Ladders (“Social Login”). If you avail the option of Social Login, Liberti Ladders will only have access to your name and email address. 4. We gather technical data about your usage and interaction with the services. 5. We utilise all the collected data to: i. Answer your doubts and queries about the services provided by the website; ii. Provide you with any notices, alerts, or any such communications which are relevant to your use of the Services; iii. Provide you with information about other products or services that we deem may be of interest to you. You possess the option to opt-out of receiving such communication; iv. Aggregate the anonymized date from registered users to conduct market research, project planning, product development, troubleshoot problems, analyse user behaviour, marketing purposes, and promotions; v. Implement our Terms of Use.

Section 3: Data Utilization

1.The email address and phone number you provide to the website is used to send you the latest updates regarding the Services. You can choose what communication you would like to receive from us by altering your account settings after you access or login to your Liberti Ladders account.

2.We reserve the right to use your information to authenticate or verify your identity in the event you contact us for any assistance with the site or services.
3.We utilise cloud-based software tools to execute certain business-related functions. For example, maintaining databases and servers, processing text messages, phone calls, chats and emails, and marketing and sales analytics.
4.Further details regarding our third-party vendors can be availed at http://libladders.tandemdgtl.com/get-in-touch/.
5.Kindly note that these vendors are bound by the same or similar standards of data security procedures and practices as we are under law.

Section 4: Technical Data Analysis and Utilization

1.Liberti Ladders utilises Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to report on user usage and interactions with our website and the services provided by it. The cookies collect non-personally identifiable information. 2.Google Analytics collects technical data (non-personally identifiable data relating to your utilisation of the website) with information collected from other Liberti Ladders users. We utilise this information to pinpoint the most popular parts of the Services and how to best utilise and customise them. 3.For further information about the manner in which Google handles technical information, kindly visit the site, “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps”, (internet link: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners ). 4.For security reasons such as tracking suspicious activity, we might use the unique identifier of your device. For example, if we detect that your Liberti Ladders account is gaining accessing to the website from multiple devices, we may contact you to ensure that you have permitted such access. Your email, password or any personal financial data will not be collected by or shared with Google Analytics under any circumstance.

Section 5: Access to Personal Information

1.Ultimately, you are in control of your personal information. Under Indian law, you hold the right to request us for a readable copy of the personal information stored with us with regards to your details. 2.In the event of any further questions about the precision or safety of your information, please do contact us at the address given below: i.201, 2nd Floor, “Mayfair” Sardar Patel Road Secunderabad – 500 003 Tel: +91 40 27728500 Mob: +91 9849612345 Toll Free No.: 1800 LADDERS ii.11/P & 12/P, Survey N. 855 IDA Medchal, Greater Hyderabad Medchal – 501 401 Tel: +91 8418 225720 | 9701 200088 iii.5-30,sy.No 379-382, Manorabad Mandal, Kallakal Village-502 336 , Medak Dist Tel: +91 8454 245000 iv.Sy. No. 310AA, Manorabad Mandal, Hyderabad Medchal – 501 401 Tel: +91 8454 245000

Section 6: Disclosure of Information

1.We will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party, for any given reason, at any given time. Liberti Ladders has ensured to take the best and reasonable steps to ensure the protection and prevention of any unauthorised disclosure of your personal information. 2.Disclosure for regulatory compliances: Liberti Ladders will divulge your information with judicial, administrative and regulatory entities and authorities to comply with any legal and regulatory requirements or orders. 3.Disclosures with your prior consent: If, at any given time, you choose to use the integrated services of a third party service partner via us, we will, then, share your information with the third party service partner with your prior consent. 4.Disclosure for provision of Services: Liberti Ladders will divulge your information, as deemed necessary, with third party vendors of Liberti Ladders for the provision and/or delivery of services. The Authorized third party vendors are normally bound by the same standards of data security procedures and practices as Liberti Ladders are under law and contract. They are also subject to the same penalties and punishments as we are for any such unauthorised disclosure of personal information.

Section 7: Security Practices and Procedures

1.Liberti Ladders follows the highest standard of industry practices, using transparent and widely known principles when transferring and/or storing your data. 2.Someone, probably someone you know gaining access to any of your devices is believed to be the biggest threat to the privacy and security of your information and data. Kindly remember to keep your password safe and confidential to prevent unauthorised access to your Liberti Ladders account. 3.If you believe that the security and privacy of your Liberti Ladders account has been compromised or altered, immediately change your password and contact us for further assistance.

Section 8: Information Transformation

HTTPS protocol is used for encryption through the transmition of your data between your device and our multiple/single servers. HTTPS is the technology used to create secure connections for your web browser. It can be identified by a padlock icon in your browser.

Section 9: Legal Obligations of Liberti Ladders

1.Liberti Ladders are bound by the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, and must and will comply with all its provisions. Under Section 43A of the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, Liberti Ladders and all its vendors (third party), are obligated to maintain reasonable security practices and procedures to safeguard your data and information. 2.Under Regulation 5 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, we are obligated to provide every registered user of Liberti Ladders with a readable copy of the personal information you might have provided on our website.

Section 10: Changes to Privacy Policy

1.The Privacy Policy published on the Liberti Ladders’ website is in compliance with Regulation 4 of the (Indian) Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011. 2.We update this Privacy Policy regularly. The date of last revision shall appears at the top and all changes come into effect immediately upon posting. Your continued usage of the services of Liberti Ladders and it’s website shall imply your consent to any such modifications. 3.If the terms of this Privacy Policy or any changes made to this Policy have not been deemed acceptable by you, please stop using all services provided immediately and intimate the same to us at the address mentioned above.