Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to reach/work at height of 10′, either you can take a 6′ Step ladder or 4′ Platform Ladder.

Liberti ladders are available with a load bearing capacity of 90 Kgs to 135 Kg depending on the models,Eurortar ladders are with a load bearing capacity of 150 KG.

Liberti and Eurostar Ladders will carry a warranty of 5 years against any manufacturing defects.

No, it is not safe to stand on the top of the ladder.

Generally the platfroms and Step ladders are for the customers to stand and work with ease.

Yes, we have an extensive network of distributors and dealers and they will assist you in repair of the ladders depending on the type of repair.

Either a Step ladder or Platform ladder can be used in domestic and industrial applications depending on the application, safety and comfort in usage.

Yes, but subject to the maximum load bearing capacity of the ladder.
Liberti and Eurostar ladders follow international standards of ANSI and EN and the manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9001.
Ladders are available in a nearest outlet and distributors in your location and also you can procure through online.

No, it is not a step and cannot take any load other than up to 3-4 kgs.