One of the most common workplace fatalities includes falling from a ladder whether it is a single step ladder or a combination ladder. The below article will provide you with some safety rules for handling a ladder safely. Let’s get into the depth of the article.

Safety Precautions to Use a Single Step Ladder

Here are a few safety precautions that you should maintain while using a single-step ladder:

  • Wear Safety Gear

Most of the time, the workers avoid wearing protective equipment when working with a ladder. While working with a ladder, you can keep protective gear along with you such as a hard hat, boots, and gloves. Using these, you can avoid any dangerous disaster. All these protective gears help in preventing slipping from the ladder. Even a fall from 10 feet height could cause dangerous issues, especially in the head, chest, or neck. 

  • Avoid Using a Damaged Ladder

The most common materials used for making ladders include wood, fiberglass, or metal. There is a high chance for the wooden ladder to rot over time while the metal ladders can bend and the fiberglass one can fade over the years. Before you climb any ladder, make sure there is no sign of breakage or damage. 

  • Place The Ladder In Any Flat Surface

Stability is one of the most important things that you should consider while climbing up any ladder single. Don’t place the Liberti ladders on any flat surface, where they will not be able to carry the weight of the ladder and of the person who is using it. In the case of soft ground, some of the tools can be useful such as anti-slip gutter guards, stabilizers, or wide boards. 

  • Maintain The Three Point Of the Contract

While you are climbing a ladder or descending, you must maintain the three points of contact for a more secured handhold. You should only keep two hands and one leg or two legs and one hand when handling the ladder. This way, you can keep the right balance between the ladder and your body. 


These basic safety rules for using the single aluminum ladder will protect you from any serious accident. However, you can choose Liberti Ladders as we carefully design these single-step ladders to make it simple to access elevated locations. These are ideal for light-duty work and household errands available in various heights and arrangements that can guarantee zero accidents.